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The Wild Yeast Journey!!!

started in 2012 by eddy sheth and managed and run by him and Valentina who happened to be my dear friends, I was helping them sell the brand and the place as they wanted to move to canada.

Upon being told many times that they could not find anyone to own and run the place was because it was to difficult to make the products and the kind of time and dedication coupled with skill was not something that to come by.

So i took it upon myself to take up that challenge and before i knew it i was handmixing kilos and making it happen much to thier surprise.

And now i had a bakery

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Our handmade Best sellers

Available in Goa and Mumbai

Artisanal Handmade Sourdough Breads

100 percent Handmixed

Our Handmixed, Cold and Slow Fermented breads that take over 40 hours to make is the show stopper for us at the bakery.

Sourdough Napoletana Pizza

Cooked in our italian woodfired oven

Keeping in mind the old ways of long fermented wild yeast dough for pizza with high hydration and lots of heat , we handmake our Napoletana pizza at the Flour Power in Goa

Our other bakes

for customers and buisnesses

We supply other baked goods to our BtoB clients and our customers. Handmade NewYork Style Bagels, French style Baguettes, Ciabatta, burger buns and a lot more

Reach out to us for your private set ups, brunches, events etc.

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We also do workshops for corporates and individuals
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